Welfare and Support

Welfare and support aims to provide information and assistance to eligible members in accessing both the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and non-DVA health and support services that are available in the community. As well as assisting members to access healthy lifestyle programs and activities available in the community, along with providing access and information covering the full range of DVA benefits, pensions and allowances.

In particular, the aim is to assist members with:

  • Welfare, social advice and support.
  • Pension and advocacy advice and representation.
  • Transport and mobility assistance advice.
  • Home security, maintenance, lawn and garden maintenance advice and assistance through local contractors.
  • Distress relief.
  • Hospital, nursing home and home visiting.
Pensions and Compensation

The APPVA aims to provide a comprehensive service to current and ex-serving Defence and Police members in all aspects of Military Compensation. There are many volunteer including Pensions Officers, Welfare Officers, MCRS Claims Officers and Advocates in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville, Sydney, Albury/Wodonga, Melbourne, Geelong, Torquay, Adelaide, Darwin and Tasmania.

APPVA assist members with their initial claim for compensation and prepare for reviews and appeals. An extensive specialist Legal network to appeal DFRDB, MSBS, MCRS, MRCA and VEA decisions is also available. We also provide the same service to those who have served as Police Officers on a range of Peacekeeping and other Operations.

If you or anyone you know, has suffered injuries while serving in the Military or military related operations (peacekeeping and police operations) and have not applied to have your injuries recognised, it is advisable to contact the Local Pensions Officer or Advocate. Similarly, should you be in receipt of a disability pension and not had the case reviewed for some time, it is advisable to contact your Local Pensions Officer or Advocate to advise on a case review.

Advocates, Pension and Welfare Officers are trained to assist veterans, ex-service members, peacekeepers and other entitled occupations to:

  • Understand the Repatriation system.
  • Assist veterans and their dependants in their dealings with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Present a veteran’s case to the best of his/her ability, regardless of personal feelings in the matter, and

  • Understand and interpret the relevant laws and regulation.
  • Elicit information from a veteran and from other witnesses, including experts.
  • Evaluate factual evidence and medical opinion.

Pension and Welfare Officers can advise on what service qualifies as ‘eligible service’, on entitlements available under veterans’ and associated legislation, and information on a range of health and community services.

Eligible veterans can receive assistance in applying for a service pension, disability pension and a range of other allowances such as :

  • Attendant Allowance
  • Bereavement Payments
  • Clothing Allowance
  • Funeral Benefit
  • Income  Support Supplement
  • Loss of Earnings Allowance
  • Mobility Allowance
  • Pharmaceutical Allowance
  • Renting and Rent Assistance
  • Telephone and Internet allowance
  • Vehicle Assistance Scheme